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Extender Inquiry

David asked 10 years ago
I have created an extender window on Field Service Contract Line entry window. Key fields are Contract Number, Item Number and Line Sequesnce Number.
I am now trying to create an Inquiry on the SOP Transaction Entry Line scroll window to view the information. I have added the Fields Contract Number, Contract Item Number and Contract Line sequence number to the window in GP and they display correctly on the modified form.

My issue is that when I go to options use alternate key on the extender inquiry I cannot see the fields that I have added. How can I get them to be available for selection?

All help appreciated.

Best Answer
Lorren answered 10 years ago

Extender is only able to use fields that are part of the original dictionary, it cannot use fields that are added to a window using modifier.

You would have to find other fields that are on the scrolling window that you could use to link.  Not sure if there are any user defined / unused fields on the scrolling window that you could use to store the contract number.


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