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Extender Inquiry Window – Data not showing in Smartlist

Barbara C asked 8 years ago
I have created an extender window for Sales Orders that has an inquiry window attached to the Sales ORder Inquiry Zoom window.  I have allowed this to be edited from the Inquiry.  If I make any changes to the Extender Window from the Inquiry the information no longer shows up in the Smartlist I have created for it.  Not only does the Extender information not show up but the entire sales order/invoice does not show up.
Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
Barbara had opened a case with eOne. I believe we solved the problem by removing the extender fields and then just re-adding the again. Patrick eEone
Barbara C replied 8 years ago

Hi Patrick, I am not sure what you mean by removing and readding them.  Do you mean to delete the window and recreate it?

patrick replied 8 years ago

perhaps I was thinking of another case.

i think you probably would want to open a case with eOne support so that we can take a closer look.


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