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Extender Imports No Longer Work

Kirk Livermont asked 8 years ago
Hi All,
I have been trying to import some new extender windows that I created in our live company into our test company and have found that it is no longer working. I am able to export the entire solution from the live company and it appears to import without issue however the new windows don't actually import. Has anyone else come across this problem?

I am using Dynamics GP 2013 12.00.1538 (SP2) and Extender 12.00.0088.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
Couple of things to check on this. 1. Does the solution you are trying to import already exist in the test company? Extender will not import on top of something that is already there, so you may want to remove the Solution if possible and try the import again. 2. I see that you are on build 88 of Extender. We have made a few changes around the import process in Extender. It isn’t fully tested yet as we are looking to add a few more changes before releasing a new build, but if you would like to download build 108, you can find it on the following link.
Kirk Livermont replied 8 years ago

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your suggestions. To clarify what I am trying to do is export specific windows from one company and import this into the test company. I believe I used to be able to do this when I was on GP 10 with MS Extender but I can't seem to figure out how to do this in GP 2013 and my current build of extender.

I appreciate the link to the new build but will wait until your testing is complete before installing it.


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