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Extender import successful but data not updated

May asked 8 years ago
We were trying update infromation for data in an extender form using the import function. It returned Import complete with the correct values displayed after the import process is done, but the values are not actually updated when we went to check the values displayed on the extender form. 

Anybody ever had this issue or if there is any work around for this, please?
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
The import process in Extender is only for “new” data. It will not overwrite or update the existing data. If it finds the record already there, it will skip it. So, there are a couple of options. 1. Delete the existing data for the records you are trying to import. 2. Update the records manually. 3. If this is something you do frequently, you might look at something like SmartConnect that will import the Extender data and will overwrite it if it already exists. (
JenniferW replied 8 years ago

We have used Extender for years and it has previously been able to overwrite existing data.  It is just recently we realized it isn't overwriting existing data anymore.  Is this something that changed when eOne took back Extender and changed the table structure?  Anyways, any suggestions on how to delete existing records so we can import updated information?  I am thinking I will have to do it through SQL since I don't want to go through by hand using the Extender window to open each record and delete it and we don't want to delete all the data just certain groups of records but groups big enough that it can't be done by hand.


JenniferW replied 8 years ago

Never mind about this.  I figured out how to do a SQL script that can update the data in the Extender table.  But, a future feature request would be a way for the Extender import to be able to update existing data instead of only being able to import new data.


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