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Extender Import Info Not Showing in Window

JenniferW asked 8 years ago
I have an Extender window setup to use the 'display scrolling grid' for it's fields.  I setup an Import and the import is successful but the info is not showing when I pull up the Extender window.  I checked the database and the info I imported is in the SQL tables.  So, I am not sure why the info won't show on the Extender window.  A few weeks ago I upgraded to a more current version of Extender.  I took a look and I am on GP2013 SP2 (not R2) and it looks like I upgraded Extender to build 103.  Looking at the eOne site it looks like I should have upgraded to the build 102.  So, I am not sure if having the build 103 is the problem or if it is something else.  If anyone has an idea of why the info won't show in the window I would appreciate it.


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