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Extender hanging when a template is added to actions

Rizza asked 3 years ago
I encountered an issue when I added an action to run a template in our Vendor extender window, Supplier Diversity Status. 
Basically, the idea of this Extender is:
1.       When the Supplier Diversity Status (This is a list and a required field) is Active, all checkboxes are enabled and users are able to select one or all of the boxes, then, the user saves the record. 
2.       When the Supplier Diversity Status is Not Applicable, it disables the checkbox options, then the user saves the record. This also works.
3.       This is where it gets tricky... If an existing vendor Supplier Diversity Status is Active, then, needs to be update to ‘Not Applicable’, when ‘Not Applicable’ is selected, it clears all the checkboxes. This works during selection, however, after the selection, the extender window and Dynamics GP hangs/Not responding.
So, I removed the ‘Clear Active’ template and tested again. After removing the template, Dynamics GP and the extender window works without any issues. I hope someone can help identify what’s causing Extender/Dynamics GP to hang and is there a way to resolve it?

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