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Extender fields and DB tuning

Nick asked 7 years ago
We are using Extender version 14.00.0055.  We make great use of Extender fields in our implementation.  I see in the release notes for some versions that indexes have been added to address performance issues.  My question is, should this be a regular part of implementing extender fields (review indexes, etc.) and make appropriate adjustments, or does eOne take into account all scenarios when they release the software such that we don’t need to be concerned about that?  One of my main reasons for asking is that we are seeing excessive full table scanning on extender fields.
Mark Anderson Staff answered 7 years ago
Great question, while we have added a number of indexes to the base install of Extender, it is always a good idea to do index reviews for performance reasons. Extender is a very flexible tool, where users can set up many different ways to track additional data. Each of those scenarios is different, and new indexes could assist performance in each scenario.  As a general rule, I would not run index analysis on every process, only long running processes as too many indexes can cause additional performance issues in other scenarios. 
As users can set up completely unique scenarios on their systems with Extender, it would be nearly impossible for us to create indexes to assist in performance in every scenario as part of our installation.

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