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Extender Enterprise View on a Window combines key fields into one field

karetess asked 8 years ago

I have an Extender Enterprise window (Window type) that extends a GP window based on 2 key fields.  When I create an Extender View on this Window, it combines the 2 keys into one field.  This is extremely annoying, and because both fields are numeric, there is no way to parse this field to reliably get the 2 keys.  Is there any way around this?
karetess replied 8 years ago

This is unworkable.  If I pull in the individual keys from the GP table I have to concatenate the keys on that table to join to the Extender view which disables the index, and this is a very large table.

karetess replied 8 years ago

Please ignore this post.  It's been awhile since I've worked with Extender tables and now I see that the combined keys are split out in the EXT00100 table.  The view created by Extender for the Window only showed the combined key.  Extender views created on Detail Windows show the individual keys as separate fields, so that is what threw me off.  I don't know why these work differently, but this is resolved.

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