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Extender Enterprise and base SmartLists

karetess asked 9 years ago

How do I attach a screenshot?  Anyway, I have many gripes about integrating columns from Extender Windows to base GP SmartLists.  If you delete and re-import or just change the column names in the Extender window, it doesn't clear out the columns that appear in the list of columns that the user can choose from in the SmartList.  So now, for instance, the base Items SmartList shows an old column twice which doesn't even exist anymore in the Extender window and only shows one of two new columns where it should be showing both.

I had a column named Planner Comments.  I deleted and re-imported the extender window and the SmartList column list shows the column twice.

I split Planner Comments into 2 fields named Planner Comments Line 1 and Planner Comments Line 2.  The list of columns in the SmartList shows Planner Comments Line 1 but not Planner Comments Line 2.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
There are a few steps you can go through to clean up SmartList and to ensure it doesn’t get messed up too much. The most important for keeping it clean is number 1. 1. Go to Tools>Extender>Options and mark Auto-update SmartLists in your main company. Then in all of your other companies, including the Test companies, make sure this option is unmarked. 2. Now, remove the SmartList link from all your Extender Window in all of your companies (including any TEST companies and Fabrikam). 3. Run the following statement to remove all records from SmartList for Extender. delete ASITAB20 where ASI_Field_Number_Dict_ID = 3107 4. Go back to the main company A. Open up SmartList. B. Then go to Additional – Extender. C. Select the problem SmartList and remove all of the Extender Fields shown in the upper right window. 5. Now, Exit out of Great Plains and back into your main company again. 6. Link the Extender window to the SmartList again. 7. Go back into SmartList and Additional – Extender again and make sure you just see the Extender Field once. If you don’t see the fields, exit out of GP and back in again. Now SmartList is cleaned up and you can add the link to the SmartList in the Extender Window and add the Extender field to the smartList.

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