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Extender Dialogue – not all users

jdobson asked 9 years ago

We have an extender dialogue set-up to appear on the exit of field X.  The dialgoue appears for the sa user and myself (power user), but it doesn't appear for some users.  I haven't tested out every user.

This dialogue used to work just fine for all users.  I took a regular user and assigned them as a poweruser – the dialogue still didn't work.

I completely deleted the dialougue prompt set-up and re-did it, only to get the same result.

is there a place to assign the dialogue to users? or is there any advice/tips for me?

Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
The dialogues changed between versions and how they get setup, so the first thing we would need to know is what version you are using and then if it is Extender Standard or Enterprise. Is the Dialogue setup on an Extender window/form or on a GP Window? There really isn’t additional setup for security of the dialogue, but each user would need to have Extender installed on their machine for it to work and have access to whatever window/form it fires on. Nicole

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