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Extender date fields to be added to the Purchase Order form in report writer

Rizza Wyn asked 4 years ago
We added 2 date fields in the Purchasing Item Detail Entry window: Start Date and End Date, using 2 key fields (Item Number and PO Number). We added calculated fields (EXT_POPDTKEY and EXT_POPDTLN) to try to pull these information to the PO but we keep getting this error, “Error in equation in ‘EXT_POPDTKEY’. The expressions are as follows: EXT_POPDTKEY (STRIP(POP_PO.PO Number # LNG_STR(popPOLineRollupTemp.Item Number ) ) and EXT_POPDTLN (FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_TableHeaderString3107″EXT_POPDTLN”EXT _POPDTKEY01)

Any ideas, what’s causing the error?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
The error is from RW/Dexterity and not Extender.  It is telling you that your EXT_POPDTKEY calculation is wrong.  You might delete the EXT_POPDTLN calculation and put the other one on the report (so that the calculation runs) and you’ll get the same error.
Just looking at what you have there, my guess is that it is the LNG_STR function.  “Item Number” is already a string so you don’t need to convert it from “long” to “string”.  That is likely the issue.
Also I think you can remoe the STRIP() function as I wouldn’t expect Dex to put in the trailing spaces after the string fields.  But leave it in a give it a shot as it couldn’t hurt if called correctly.
Rizza replied 4 years ago

Thanks, Patrick. I will try and let you know if I can get it to work. 🙂

Rizza answered 4 years ago
Hi Patrick… I was able to make it work. The correct formula is: STRIP(POP_PO.PO Number )  # “” # popPOLineRollupTemp.Item Number
Martha answered 4 years ago
good one .. 

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