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Extender Data After Using PSTL

callen asked 8 years ago
A company has an Extender window tied to the Item Maintenance window.  They used PSTL to change the item number.  Now, of course, the data is not appearing because the item number is different.

Is there any solution for this issue?
Lorren answered 8 years ago

Extender doesn’t use the field names that match to Dynamics GP due to the generic method used to store data. PSTL looks for the tables where ITMNMBR is used as a column and makes data changes to those tables.

The only method, since the data is already changed, would be to determine which fields in Extender need to be updated and write a SQL script to do that. You don’t specify which version of Dynamics GP you are using so the SQL script would be different depending on the version of GP.

If you send a message to they can help out but it would be a billable event.

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