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Extender columns in smartlist are slowing down view

smoral01 asked 9 years ago
hello, My client has added multiple extender windows to the VENDOR ID card. the client has added linked those windows to smartlist. Whenever the client tries to run that smartlist view they are experiencing SIGNIFICANT slowdown in the smartlist view generation. I am not sure what could be the case. Has anyone come across this? thank you
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
Using the option in the Extender Window setup to add the fields to SmartList will cause the return of data on that SmartList to be slower when the fields are displayed. This is because of the way SmartList runs and how we are able to add those fields in. The best option to get a SmartList to run faster is to use SmartList Builder to setup a SmartList and add the Extender Resource. Then, use this instead of the default SmartList. The SmartList Builder setup will return the data much faster.
smoral01 answered 9 years ago
hello Nicole thank you very much for the quick response!

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