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Extender calculation incrementing sop number and line number

Greg Teresi asked 6 years ago
I\’m wanting to enter a sales order  with extender info from a excel spreadsheet. I have everything working but the extender info. I can do it manually by entering the extender key and I have it work but I want to have it done when the orders inserting. Our extender key is made with the line sequence number and the order number. The line number increments starting with 16384 and then increments by adding 16384. The order number I\’m getting from GP with a GP rolling Column and that is combined into one number. I think I need to use a new calculation to come up with this number but I don\’t know how to right the code. Can someone help me with this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
The easiest approach would be to put a sequence number in your source file. That is the no-code solution and solves this 100%.
But for your question, you’d use an approach line this:
Using a global variable and a calculation, you would increment your global and then return that value as the sequence number for the key.
To get the Order Number, mark the checkbox on the GP Rolling Column for “use for global variable”.
Now you’d need a calculation then to read it – the value is stored in the variable GlobalRollingColumn
So your calculation would be simple:
return GlobalRollingColumn
you should be able to map these into your extender destination and it should work correctly.
Greg Teresi replied 6 years ago

Thank you I will try it.

Greg Teresi replied 6 years ago

I know generally what you are saying but I don’t know the tool well enough to write it. Can you give me a more detailed example?

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