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Extender Auto Open

Julie asked 9 years ago

I've created an Extender window off my customer card.  I have selected the Auto Open feature to be on.  I am using the 'Field Entry' and the 'Customer Number'.  

When I first open the customer window I get the error message 'Not all required fields have been entered for the window XXX.'  XXX = my Extender window.Then if I type in the customer number, the Extender window does not auto open.  If I look up the customer number, I don't get an error message but the Extender window does not auto open.  When I save or clear the customer record, I get the error message  'Not all required fields have been entered for the window XXX.' again.

Does any one have an ideas on this one?  I'm using GP 2013 SP2 & Extender Versions 12.00.0270.000  Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender 12.00.0088.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
It is not going to work to use the auto open feature on the first field of the window if that is your key and you are doing it on Field Entry. What is happening is that as soon as you try to open the Customer Maintenance window, it is triggering the Extender window to open immediately since the cursor starts in the Customer Number field on the window. You cannot open an Extender Window without the field your window is setup to use as the Key Field populated. I am going to assume that is Customer Number in this scenario. So, you cannot use the Auto Open feature until the Customer Number is populated. Otherwise Extender doesn’t know how to store the data you would enter into it. So, change your auto open to Field Exit or put it in the Field Entry of another field on the window so that it doesn’t try to open until you have the Customer Number populated and it should work.
Julie replied 9 years ago

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your response.  I changed the Auto Open to be on Field Exit and Customer Number.  Now I don't get the error message when I first go into the Customer card.  If I type in the customer number, it works correctly.  But if I look up the customer number, I get the error message.  Once I click past the error message, my extender window does not open.  

I need this extender window to auto open every time a customer is is entered or looked up.  I can't always rely on the user going into another field beside the customer ID to prompt the extender window to open.

Also, are Extender Views not a part of this version?  (12.88)  I have Extender 12.98 installed on my own workstation and I was prompted to create a view when I created my window.  I also have Views available in the main extender window.  On version 12.88, I don't have any options to create a view.  How can I do this?

Nicole answered 9 years ago
There are some windows where GP is doing something special on the fields when you use the lookup. For the Customer Maintenance window, I would put the auto open on the Customer Name field as that is where the cursor goes to when you use the lookup field. The only thing with that being said is that if you type in the customer ID, the cursor goes to the Hold field first, so it wouldn’t open until you tab to the Customer Name field. Unfortunately we cannot work around some of the code that GP has written into it and it will override what we try to do to get our windows to automatically open on certain fields. Generally you see this with the “Key” field on the window if you are going to see it.

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