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Extender API

Adriaan asked 8 years ago
I have tried Googling but I cannot find any reference material on an API for Extender. I’ve seen questions about stored procs and someone mentioned that SmartConnect has stored procs for Extender but I can’t find any information on that either. Is there an API for Extender? We are using GP2013 R2, and I would prefer a SQL API
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
SmartConnect does have stored procedures built into it to help integrate data with Extender. You can find a little more information about the SmartConnect and Extender integration on the following page. We also offer demos on SmartConnect if you are interested. Extender does have a basic import process built into it as well that will bring in data. It doesn’t have any data verification, etc built in, but can do a basic import. We offer SmartConnect to do the more detailed imports. We do not offer an API to integrate with Extender other than SmartConnect and the built in import in Extender. While you can insert data directly into SQL, we do not recommend or support it as there are a lot of different tables and connections that need to be made with the data for it to be inserted into the tables correctly.

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