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Extender and word templates

Rizza Wyn asked 5 years ago
Hi… I was wondering if anyone had encountered this… I was able to add extender date fields to report writer report and prints correctly. We use the PO blank form word template and I’d like to add the extender fields. I see the extender date fields and dragged them to the word template, update my PO blank format in Report Templates in GP but when printing the PO, no extender field data printing. What would cause this? Is this supported?
Thanks for all your responses!
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago


Microsoft would (should) support adding RW calculated fields onto GP templates no matter the source of the actual data.

That the data prints fine onto the report proves that piece is working fine – just something about how the template is formatted as I know Word is very “touchy” about formatting and placement of these fields after they are created.

If you do contact MSFT support, what you could do is replace the calculated field RW data call (to extender) and just make it say “this is a calculation”. Just hard code the string entirely instead.

This hard coded string should print fine in the template as well and if not, then it is having the same “issue” that the Extender calculation was – again most likely formatting on the Word Template. Now that we’ve taken “3rd part function call” off the table – the Microsoft guys can’t say that it’s a 3rd party issue and should be able to help you.

Once you get your calc field(s) to show up in Word, then replace the hard coded string with the actual rw_tableHeaderString() call to Extender and it’ll work fine.

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