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Extender and SmartList Builder

JenniferW asked 9 years ago
So, when building a SmartList using SmartList Builder you can either use an Extender Resource or use a view that you created via Extender.  Which is the better option to use?  We are upgrading to the eXtender Enterprise and have several Smartlists that use Extender tables.  Since the table structure has changed I need to modify those reports.  For me I think it would be easier to modify the SmartLists to use an Extender Resource since those are already there.  If I use an Extender View I have to go through and create it first.  So, just wondering if there is a rule of thumb of which you should use when building a SmartList.

Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
As far as a rule of thumb on using an Extender Resource or View created in Extender in your SLB setup, there really isn't one.  I tend to use the Extender Resource if you don't already have something setup or you aren't going to need to create a view for other reporting purposes.  If you already have the view with multiple tables/windows/etc linked together or are going to need to do that anyways, then I sometimes go with the view since I would have to relink the tables in SLB if I use the Extender Resource and then need the other stuff anyways.  So, I would look at what you are going to need to create for your Extender windows and forms in general and then pick the option that is going to be the easiest.  We don't want to have you setting up the same exact thing with a bunch of tables and resources in SLB and then have to do it again as a view.

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