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Extender Additional Menu option not showing for 3rd party product

Arun Anandhan asked 9 years ago
Extender window Additional menu is not showing for our customer, for a 3rd party dexterity window (Cogsdale) with Extender Enterprise. The same works fine when using just Extender on our sample installation. 

Any thoughts?

Nicole Albertson replied 9 years ago

When the Additional Menu isn't show up after creating a window, there are a few things to check.

1.  Does the user have access to the Extender Window that was just created?  Only a PowerUser (including sa) would have access by default.
2.  Is the GP or 3rd Party window that you are opening the same one that you used in Extender in the Window setup?  Sometimes we see that there is an "alternate" window that is actually being opened and that needs to be what is selected in Extender as well.  To figure out which window is being used, look at the Alternate/Modified task that is assigned to the user in the User Setup and then look at that task in the security and see which window it is truly set to use.  Make sure that is the one that GP is using as well.


karetess replied 9 years ago

Hi Nicole,

I created an Extender Enterprise window on a 3rd party window that I hadn't created an Extender (Microsoft) window on before.  In fact, this is a newly developed window by the vendor.  I created the window and I have PowerUser role and the Additional menu does not appear on the 3rd party window for me.  We are using 2 products from this vendor (CSM and CMG) and CSM windows work fine with Extender Enterprise.  It appears that the CMG windows do not have the proper "hooks" into Extender Enterprise?

Do GP and 3rd party windows need to be 100% Dexterity?  Could there be anything in their code that would be interfering?


Arun Anandhan replied 9 years ago

Hi Nicole,
As Karen mentioned the user ID used here is a Power User. Also we verified that there are no Altenate/Modified versions for the form/window we are trying to add Extender windows. It does seem like all the forms/windows we have tried specifically with our "Construction Management" product seems to have this issue. Although the same works fine on our sample installation which uses base Extender  (We even used the same extender XML file exported out of Connexus' installation). I
s there anything like generating script log etc, that could help identify the cause? Karen and I are available for a live meeting if that is possible for you.


Nicole Albertson replied 9 years ago

Even with the user being a Power User, there can still be a difference in the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports role that they are using as that is assigned to each user.  So, I would still check that out since it is truly two different systems.  If that doesn't resolve anything, this really would be something that would need to go to the support team.  You can submit a case by e-mailing  They will be able to help out and take a look at the system with you.

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