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Pieter du Toit asked 7 years ago
After upgrading form GP2010 to GP2015 R2, I no longer see table EXT00105.  I had data in there that I use in a Crystal report.  Where is the data now?
Also, do you have any documentation that you can send me on the changes from GP2010 to GP2015 as far as Extender goes?
Pieter replied 7 years ago

Sorry, meant to say EXT00150

Mark Anderson Staff replied 7 years ago

Pieter, here is a link to the information you are looking for.

Pieter replied 7 years ago

Thanks, exactly what I needed.

Pieter replied 7 years ago

I have a follow-up question. In GP2010, I had a view from a Form that had an addition Window for comments. The link between the view (Form) and the comment (which was stored in EXT00150) was the ID Field Prompt (View) and the PT_UD_Key on EXT00150. When I look at EXT01500 there is no PT_UD_Key so I guess it will now link on the Extender_Record_ID but that field is not in my view so how do I link the comment to the form data now?

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago


Yes, you would link the Extender_Record_ID from the EXT01500 To the EXT01000 Extender_record_ID in the view.

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