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Expose DEX_ROW_ID in Navigation Builder

Gavin Whittaker asked 7 years ago
Navigation Builder seems to build a temp table based on your selections and add a unique primary key to whatever the Key Fields are. This is fine for most tables however when dealing with the GL tables its very difficult (especially for end users) to determine a key that makes a row unique. Therefore could you either make the primary key non-unique or expose the “DEX_ROW_ID” column so we can make this the key.
This relates to incident reference CRM:0027965 I logged via support
Also, if the key isn’t unique no error is sent to the GP client the list just doesn’t show anything. It was only through using SQL profile trace that I determined this to be the issue
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 7 years ago
This Feature Request is under consideration and will be looked at further to implement in SmartList Builder.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
This was resolved in SmartList Builder 2015 build 14.00.0232 and SmartList Builder 2016  build 16.00.0026.  It was included in the initial release of SmartList Builder 2018.
It was changed in that if there wasn’t a unique primary key on the table in Navigation List Builder, it will expose the DEX_ROW_ID to be the unique key.

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