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Exporting to Excel Formatting Changes

Alex Dillas asked 5 years ago
When updating from version 16.0.1 to 16.0.6 there were changes to the DevExpress components that have affected the way reports are exported to Excel.  Column filters are automatically enabled, columns headers are no longer shaded and the Subtotal option to have the summary below data is no longer automatically checked.  It would be great if this formatting could be reverted to be similar to the way reports exported in version 16.0.1.
Bryan Benton replied 5 years ago

I would like to vote for this change request, but I see no way to cast a vote.
Thank you, Bryan

Nicole Albertson Staff answered 3 years ago
You are correct in that we did an update to DexExpress and that changed the exporting.  We are going to take this under consideration and it will be looked at further for possible implementation in a future SmartView release if we are able to change it.  There is currently no timeframe assigned.

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