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export asked 10 years ago
Hi There,

We have mapped a great deal of fields from Sales Force to GP in SOP and RM modules.  Is there anyway to get an export that shows the field name in Sales Force and the field name we have mapped it to in GP.

I would like to be able to prepare a document that outlines what has been mapped where.etc.


Best Answer
kevin answered 9 years ago
There is currently no way through the SmartConnect UI to get this information. However if you run the query below on your SmartConnect database it should give you the information you need.



select m.MapId, m.DataSourceType, m.DestinationType, ml.TechnicalName, b.Name, mp.Name, mp.TechnicalName 
from Map m
inner join MapLine ml on ml.MapId = m.MapId
inner join MapLineParameter mp on mp.MapLineId = ml.MapLineId
inner join ColumnSetting s on s.MapLineId = ml.MapLineId and mp.ColumnSettingId = s.ColumnSettingId
inner join ColumnBase b on b.ColumnBaseId = s.ColumnId
m.DestinationType like '%SalesForce%' or m.DataSourceType like '%SalesForce%'
order by
m.MapId, ml.TechnicalName, mp.Number
sathya replied 9 years ago

Hi kevin,
                  I have created a mapping on ODBC connection for Microsoft dynamics GP payables. And i also created the task for that mapping. Now i need this mapping to be exported and to sent to a cilent. In that case i can export it. But when my client importing it in smart coonect ,there was no mapping in it. Even in my smart connect also i can't able to import it. I dont get any reason for that. Can you kindly help on it..


Chris answered 9 years ago
When you import and export maps and other settings in SmartConnect first you want to make sure that SmartConnect is the same version on each system.

You also need to have setup completed within SmartConnect. That consists of making sure each connector is setup and that system maintenance has been run after any of those changes. Your user running the import also needs to have access to the objects they are trying to import, if you use an admin account in SmartConnect to do the import that would rule out any security issues.

If you are still having issues after confirming the steps above you would probably get the quickest reponse by working with our support team (


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