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Export to Excel Error

Mitch Marklow asked 7 years ago
I have an install of GP 2015 R2 (latest hotfix, I think 817?) with the 2015R2 SLB installed. Five decimal places are shown for exports to Excel so we added the SmartListEnhancedExcelExport=TRUE dex.ini switch to fix that. However now we get an error and cannot export to Excel at all.
“An error occurred during the export process. All export tasks were not completed.”
An Excel process is running in the background after this, but no Excel window is opened.
When I take the dex.ini switch out everything exports to Excel as expected, however it is back to showing five decimal places and they would prefer it stick with two. Is there a different workaround for this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Where to start?
Well, right off the export process is controlled by SmartList, not SmartList Builder.  And so the Dynamics Community forums in general would be a better place to post this question.
That said, the “5 decimals” thing is the new behavior for GP 2013 which is one of the reasons it is so much faster in that version.
As noted in the blog article:
the switch you used is undocumented, probably because it wasn’t tested by GP dev or that it had issues and they didn’t fix those issues (and went in this other direction)
But for your specific question: two ways to make it “stick with two”.
1. If you use an Export Solution on your SmartList, then SL will use the old “COM” method using Excel to export.  Now it’ll work like it did previously.
2. You can use another undocumented dex.ini switch to force GP to use the old COM/Excel method to export.
So you’ll lose the speed but it should work like it did previously.
Mitch Marklow answered 7 years ago
Thanks for your help Patrick, appreciate it.
 – Mitch

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