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Exchange Table ID not found

Beat Bucher asked 9 years ago
We're trying to create new journal entries (JE) in GP's financial in the TWO company… Our system is setup for multicurrency and in Fabrikam the MC access is configured properly and the exchange rates are defined. We're able to do manual JE transactions in GP, but it fails when trying to do it with SC :


Sql procedure error codes returned: 

Error Number = 939 Stored Procedure= taGLTransactionHeaderInsert Error Description = An error occurred in the taMCCurrencyValidate proc

Error Number = 6348 Stored Procedure= taMCCurrencyValidate Error Description = The Exchange Table ID does not exist for the Exchange Date specified
Node Identifier Parameters: taMCCurrencyValidate
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taMCCurrencyValidate
EXGTBLID = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.
EXCHDATE = 2017-4-15


The field ExchangTableID doesn't even show up in the mapping tool as a field selection… ? so how can we pass this by to the SP ?
Thanks in advance for help.

B. Bucher
Florence replied 9 years ago

Found the answer.

Reason is: In GP, the system allow to enter a date RANGE for exchange table. This is done by setting an expiration date. So if I add a rate for the 04/12/2017 with an expiration date of 07/12/2017, inside GP itself, I will be able to add transaction every day between april 12th and july 12th…. but eConnect doesn't feel this way. eConnect will only accept transaction for april 12th.. if you want to enter a transaction on, for example, april 20th, you'll have to add 04/20/2017 in the exchange rate table (in GP) despite the expiration date already set would allow transactions for few months (3 months in this exampel).

Oh well, crazy little thing. But I guess it wont happen too much since a real business has to update the exchange rate every day.

Happy SmartConnecting!

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
Just marking this thread as answered since you figured everything out before anyone else got to it. Hope it helps someone else.

Candymar Garcia answered 3 years ago
Buenas tardes, muchísimas gracias por tu comentario, me funciono a la perfección.

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