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exception of type 'System.OutofMemoryException' was thrown

Sherri Hansen asked 8 years ago
Report runs fine but throws up error when saving the report. client is gp2010 sp3
Patrick Wellnitz replied 7 years ago

Hi Sherri,
Wondering if you ever figured out a resolution to this. I am having the same issue right now. cropped up randomly on GP2015 with sales order import map

Joseph Guyton replied 6 years ago

We are getting this error, also. We are on GP 2013 (R2) ver 12.00.2084. If you have a solution, please post it.


Christine replied 6 years ago

I am receiving the same error message on in running a few scheduled maps If you have a solution, please post it.

Martin replied 4 years ago

Same issue running SV for GP 2015 R2 (14.0.0804) . Exporting a report with 214696 lines to excel . Any suggestions?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

Short answer:
Use SmartView External (newer version) as it is 64bit and I doubt you’ll see this issue.

Long answer:

GP is a 32bit application and SV Internal as a vstools addin running inside of GP, that means it is also 32bit sharing the same memory space.

When you pull up a recordset in SmartView of however many rows of however many columns, that chunk of memory is allocated to display in the UI.

When the DevExpress control exports the data (the grid control that SmartView uses, it handles the display as well as export), because we see this error – my guess it copies the data as it exports (or holds to Excel, not sure how it does it) and eventually runs out of memory in that 32bit address space and fails.

Because we can’t change the export routine or how much memory GP/SV is using (on a 32bit resource pool) the only workaround is to export “less data”.

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