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Excel Template – GL works, others do not

bbredstang asked 10 years ago
We are using SmartConnect 2012 SP2 with GP 2010 and Office 2013.  We sucessfully are using the template for GL integrations, however we are running into issues with some of the others.  Currently the Payables one is fighting us with the error "Could not connect to the SmartConnect web service".  It errors out attempting to make a SOAP connection to the web service URL within the VBA at this line of code – "Set sc_SmartConnect = New SoapClient30".  I attempting to look at how the GL template is doing this successfully, however, the VBA is password protected and I am unable to do so.  Has anyone else run into this or have a fix/workaround?   
molsen replied 10 years ago


The GL template has been configured to work differently from the others – and does not require soap.  The other templates have not caught up yet and require SOAP.  You can read more here


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