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Excel Template Error asked 10 years ago
I have a client that recently upgraded to SmartConnect 2012 (I believe from 2010).  Also, recently they had an GL Entry integration from an excel template stop working. They receive an error when they click the submit button:
"SmartConnect could not be loaded: Cannot instantiate abstract class or interface: eOne.SmartConnect.Engine.Connector"

I don't believe they did anything with the WebServices when they upgraded, or to the spreadsheet, so I am wondering if it might be something with one of those, or what might be causing the issue.  If the spreadsheet is closed and the integration is run directly from smartconnect, it works fine.

Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

If SmartConnect was upgraded, then the web service would need to be upgraded as well. So if they upgraded the interface and map on one machine but the web service was left on an older version it would not work.

If the web service was updated as well, you will want ot make sure the GP Connecter in the SmartConnect Setup screen is fully filled out and reset IIS and try again.

Finally you could also try re-install the web service, making sure that it is the same version as the client, and re-enter the SmartConnect password on the install – making sure it is the same as what has been used in the past (or on other installs).


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