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Excel Report Builder Pivot Issue

CM asked 9 years ago
We installed the smartlist builder into GP 2010 (11.00.1752). We created several excel pivot reports with excel report builder. The excel installed on the server is excel 2007. Those pivot reports started to get errors when pivot table contains the SOP number. Error said "A field in your source data has more unique items than can be used in a PivotTable report. Microsoft Excel may not be able to create the report, or may crete the report without the data from this field." We figured the SOP number may exceed the max cap of excel pivot table. However, when we re-created the excel report from excel without using the excel report builder in excel 2007, there was no more error. We just conneced to the data directly from excel. Is that possible that the excel report builder installed in GP to create pivot is based on excel 2003? Is there any hotfix or patch we can install to fix this issue instead of recreating the reports?
Nicole replied 9 years ago

The first thing I would recommend is that you update Microsoft Dynamics GP to a newer service pack. There have been some changes in the Excel Report Builder code that might help out. It appears that you are on the update right after Service Pack 2. I would recommend you go to at least Service Pack 4 if not the latest update.

If that doesn’t take care of it, you may want to open a support case so we can take a look at what is going on. Since you are on 2010 and still using a version released by Microsoft, you can either contact them for support or go through eOne support by e-mailing

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