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Excel Push Integration and Tasks asked 10 years ago

Over the years, I have successfully configured several Excel push integrations where data is essentially exported to GP by the click of the "SmartConnect Map" button in the Add-Ins tab of Excel.

There is one SmartConnect 2012 (service pack 1) map, however, that I converted this AM from an Excel 2010 data source to an ODBC data source and modified the 32-bit Excel source file for push integrating.

Although the map is successfully run when it is not configured as a push integration, it fails as a push integration.  In Excel, I get a simple message saying that the map failed.  Nothing shows in Event Viewer. 

And, again, the map had worked before and does work now if you open the map up and click "Run".  In fact, the map even as an Excel push integration runs successfully if I run it from the Map Setup window but not from Excel.

And, in this client's environment, I have successfully created other push integrations.

One thing about this map, though, is that it has two "before document" and one "after document" task.

Could it be that Excel push integrations do not work if tasks are attached to the map?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

John you can definitely run tasks on push maps as long as the webservice machine has access to any files if the tasks involve file paths.

If it runs from inside SmartConnect but not the add-in is likely one of a couple things. You can create an xml file of what the add-in is generating by using the file path option on the config sheet.That will let you see what it is generating so you can make sure all the columns and data looks correct.

You will want to make sure there are no spaces or special characters in the column headers, the dates look correct, and all the columns have at least one row of data in them. If it isn’t any of those the support team would be able to help you figure out the cause of the issues if you contact them.


Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Thanks, Chris!


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