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Excel ODBC data source not working after upgrade 2014

Beat Bucher asked 9 years ago
We upgraded to SC 2014 this morning and though our maps lost all the destination mapping after the process, I was able to bring them back after exporting & re-importing the maps…
Now when opening one of the map that was perfectly working before (and the source file hasn't changed since), it throws an error :
ERROR [07002] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]COUNT field incorrect
and after you hit OK

"You must enter a valid Datasource before you continue" 

The original map was setup to use ODBC as the driver for the Excel file input, now this doesn't seem to work anymore after the upgrade…I've tried to rebuild the link, but no success..
Any suggestion on how to fix this ? 

Chris replied 9 years ago

Is there a COUNT statement in the data source of the map that won't validate? That is a sql function however it isn't supported by Excel ODBC drivers so if that is in there it should be removed from the query if the source is excel.


Beat Bucher replied 9 years ago

Hi Chris,

No there was no COUNT statement in the ODBC source definition, and honestly I was wondering from where this was coming… as my attempts to make if work failed, I deleted it completly and rebuilt if from scratch, knowing that all I needed to get my data was to do a select statement from my input file defined name range and voil

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