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Excel connected to non GP database

Lewis asked 5 years ago
Can SmartConnect be used with excel to update a non GP database?  I want to create a new Inventory database to track consignment quantity on hand (no transactions, just on hand amounts).  They company wants to track inventory at zero dollar cost, so I want to keep this outside of GP.  I want a simple quantity on hand spreadsheet that can be updated through excel with smart connect…  Can that be done?  if so, can I get instructions?
Lewis answered 5 years ago
I found that it is a very simple setup..  I believe I answered my own question.  I just needed to setup a connection directly to that SQL database and table
Lewis replied 5 years ago

I can get the database populated the first time, however I now can not get the database to be updated.. the imports just keep adding additional rows. how can this issue be resolved?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 5 years ago

Lewis, does your SQL table have a primary key associated with it? That is what SmartConnect will use to determine which record to insert/update.

Lewis replied 5 years ago

Lorren.. I think you saved me again! I will run a test and let you know if that does the trick

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