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Excel add in versus running map within smartconnect

Michelle asked 9 years ago
I have created a general ledger map that runs successfully through Smart Connect.  I have setup the spreadsheet to be pushed through the Excel Add-in.  The data source of the map is an ODBC, I have a named range in my Excel spreadsheet for the source.  I am receiving error code 9276 Decimal places passed in to line does not match setup.  I have run the map to Dynamics GP – File using both methods and there isnt a difference between the generated XML files.  I am using SmartConnect with GP2010.  

I originally though that it was an issue with trying to define the line sequence ID for the lines of the JE, yet I am still receiving the error after omitting that mapping.  Is this a known issue that will resolve with an upgrade to the newest version?
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Lorren answered 9 years ago

When it comes to decimals places, it depends on how they are defined in the excel file. In this case there will be a difference because of how the ODBC driver reads the data in the excel sheet and how the add-in will be pulling the data.

There are two ways to resolve it.  

First, make sure the Excel column truly has the right number of decimal place values in the data itself.  Even though you change the display in Excel to something like two decimals there may be additional data in the column that is being pulled.

Or create a calculated column that rounds or truncates the column data within the map itself.  Something like   return Math.Round(_MyColumn,2) will round the column to two decimals.  Then put that calculated column into the destination mapping.

Michelle replied 9 years ago

Shouldn't I see a difference in the XML file if they were being read differently?  The column that I thought was in question was the line sequence number.  But when I remove that column completely there is still an issue.  The error is referencing the BatchID, Jrnentry Number, Date, and Type.  The type is currently set in my map to standard.  I have been able to push GL docs in without error so I know the add in is working and configured properly.

lorren answered 9 years ago
Yes you should see a difference in the xml.

You can send me the two XML files and I can take a look at them to see if I notice anything out of the ordinary.
Michelle replied 9 years ago

How can i submit them to you?

Lorren replied 9 years ago

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