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Excel Add in in a multi user environment

Sherri asked 6 years ago
We are a hosting provider and therefore have 15 + clients on one Citrix server. One of those clients want to use the Excel Add in for SC. Is there a way (maybe via registry) that we can limit the addition of the Excel add in to a certain group of users. If all users on that machine get a prompt to install they Add in, mass hysteria will follow. You know users. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
This is a better question for the Microsoft Excel team
“I have an addin and I only want to install it for certain users on this Citrix server”
From an eOne install perspective, there isn’t anything we can do about that.  It installs “normally”.
The only thing I can maybe try is you could do:
install the addin
go to the install path, on my 64 bit bit excel machine it is:
C:\Program Files\eOne Solutions\Excel AddIn
grab all the files that are there
now uninstall the addin
Put the files back where they were before
now I should think that in Excel you could go manually register your Excel plugin – whatever you wanted. 
so perhaps this will work then so it isn’t “installed” but the files are there.
Haven’t tried this approach but might work.  Or maybe not.
Sherri replied 6 years ago

Thanks Pat! Very helpful. How would you manually register the Eone add in? Browse to the files and select which one?

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