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Excel add-in error

Laurie asked 9 years ago
I had a map to enter sales orders which was running fine through an excel add-in push.  I needed to modify it to add a markdown percentage, but am now getting an error when trying to push through the excel add-in.  The modified map runs fine in smartconnect.

The error message is:
Map run failed    :  The following fields were mapped in Node: Ad line item but are no longer available in the source data

Discount to Markdown percent

The discount percentage is still included in the source data though.

Any suggestions?  Does it have anything to do with the formatting – the excel file shows 5.00?

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

That message usually means one of the columns in the Excel file is not included when sending data to the web service.

There are two options.
1. Make sure all of the columns contain data
2. On the Configuration Window for the Add-In, check the Infer Schema option so the add-in sends all of the columns to the web service.

Laurie replied 9 years ago

Thanks Lorren,

The map now loads without an error, but the discount percentages do not load with the map run from the Excel add-in.  They do load correctly when the map using the same Excel spreadsheet is run directly from Smartconnect.

Is it a problem with the formatting similar to the the date field problem?


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