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Excel Add-in: Cannot Find Table 0.

Aaron asked 7 years ago
I have a map that works great loading Excel to CRM from within Smart Connect. It loads up to 12 rows of data by reading from various Excel sheets and compiles it into need SmartConnect rows on a hidden sheet used to upload it from the Excel Add-in. Excel looks for certain values to determine if it should display a row e.g. =if(A1>1, A1, “”)
This works great *IF* all 12 rows contain data. It also works there is any one row that ends up being blank due to the formula and there could be multiple blank rows (e.g. all odd rows). HOWEVER, when two rows in-a-row are blank due to the formula, Smart Connect returns “Cannot Find Table 0.” which appears to be an error, yet the entire Map will process correctly.
Since there is no Excel Add-in error handling, this message is confusing users and causing needless research. What are the chances this can get corrected by Support?
Aaron Michalove answered 7 years ago
I too am having this issue. The Excel tool is great, however the error handling is none existent!
One EASY step for developers would be to expose the integration so it could be called from a Macro. That way, we could wrap some error handling around it using Excel VBA. Still not robust, but something and this would be EASY and FAST for Eone!

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