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Excel 2013 and 64 bit asked 10 years ago
Do you know when will an addon for Excel 2013 be released for SmartConnect?  We are starting to see it appear in client environments.  Also, is there any chance of becoming compatible with 64 bit Excel installs.  This is also becoming more common.
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Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi Marc

We are in the process of testing the latest build of SmartConnect which should be released middle of February.
You can expect the new Excel 2013 Add-In about 2 weeks after that, so more or less end of February.

We have discussed the 64 bit compatibility at length and it will be something we will be looking at in the near future, but for the moment the 32 bit drivers will still need to be installed to get this working.

Ruaan replied 10 years ago

I saw that support for using Excel 2013 has been added to SmartConnect, but still haven't seen the Excel 2013 add in get posted yet.  Do you have an updated ETA on the Excel 2013 addin?  I'm getting requests from clients.

susan.conrod replied 10 years ago

We are using this already.  It is just the 2013 version.  We are still on GP2010 SP3, but we are capable of using Excel 2013 already.  Any of the 2013 Versions will work for backwards compatability at least to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3. replied 10 years ago

I assume you're referring to using an Excel 2013 file as a source for a map.  I agree that has been an option since around Jan 2013, but I am asking when the Excel 2013 Add On will be released.  I see it is not available on the download page yet, and I've tried installing the Excel 2010 addon but it checks for Excel 2010 components and cannot be installed and used in Excel 2013.  Is there a planned release date for an Excel addon that is compatible with Excel 2013?

David answered 10 years ago

The SmartConnect Excel 2013 Addin will be released with SmartConnect 2013 service pack 1, which is scheduled to be released around the end of September. 


ranga replied 9 years ago

Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find the Smartconnect excel 2013 addin? I have checked the eOne download page but the only ones listed are Excel 2010 add-in and Excel 2007 add-in.  Many thanks, Ranga 

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