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Event Viewer ‘No data was returned from the data source’ Error

Brandon Germaine asked 7 years ago
Is there any way to not write the “No data was returned from the data source” error to the Event Viewer logs when no data is queued for a Scheduled Run? Each time the integration runs on schedule (for this customer, its every minute), we receive this error is nothing is performed. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot if there is an issue, because we have to dig through all of the nonsense errors.

If anyone has a tip that could help clear this out, I would greatly appreciate it.



Jared Dux Staff answered 7 years ago
On the Options tab of your map setup there is an option to return map success if there is no data returned from the data source.  This will stop it from showing up in the Event Viewer.
Brandon Germaine replied 7 years ago

That’s awesome! Thank you so much Jared!



Rob Mitchell answered 7 years ago
I set the option to  Return Map Success and that is what it is doing, making an entry in the Event Log that it was successful. Is there a way to prevent it from writing anything if there are no source files? I have the same problem, a map that is scheduled to run every minute.
Oleg Vi answered 6 years ago
I’d like nothing to happen when there is no data in the source folder. Is that possible?
Jody Wood replied 5 years ago

I agree with this – I want the map to end if no data is returned.

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