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Errors in Windows Log; SmartConnect stops processing real-time workflows

Anthony Haxby asked 8 years ago
We're getting the following exceptions reported in the Windows Event Log, afterward the SmartConnect service stops processing the real-time Dynamics GP workflows.  I've enabled diagnostic logging for the SmartConnect web services and can see that the service is accepting the data from Dynamics GP, but no records are created in CRM.  After the errors are reported in the Windows Event Log performing an IISRESET corrects the problem and real-time workflows from Dynamics GP can again be invoked (and data shows in CRM).  Is there any information available to resolve this?

An invalid or incomplete configuration was used while creating a SessionFactory. Check PotentialReasons collection, and InnerException for more detail.

Could not compile the mapping document: (XmlDocument)
Duplicate class/entity mapping eOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Crm2011.MsCrm2011Tenant

: SmartConnect could not be loaded:
Could not create session factory.

Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

Ann Battistone replied 5 years ago

I am having the same issue. Was there ever an answer given?

Jen Kuntz answered 5 years ago
Add me to the list of people curious on what this error means. I got it today as well and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. We’re running, FWIW.

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