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Errors in SmartConnect Query Builder – multi-data source – Cannot get data from multi-source / unhandled exception / truncating query

Mark Mulvina asked 7 years ago
We are running GP 2016 and SmartConnect 20-16-0-37.
We are building pre-validation data-sources to test import files before imports.
What I have done at another installation successfully, is used a multi-data source with a few Excel 2016 and several ODBC “Select * from UPR00100” type queries as sources, and Modify to bring up the Query Builder to setup relations and test relations. The target for the map is a .csv file.
This works for the most part but lately have been getting a lot of errors that typically require me to delete the map and start over.
I have one map that works fine saved, but as soon as I drag another source table onto the query and setup relations, I get an “unable to get data” error or a crash with an unhandled exception error.
The other thing I notice is that if I build an ODBC data source (not multi-data source) on a map and hit MODIFY – the query builder hangs for a few minutes then the ODBC connection times out – I can go into SQL and do an exec sp_tables that returns the list of tables without delay.
Has anyone had this kind of behavior.

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