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Errors during Map Run – Res Service Destination

Van Joe asked 4 years ago
I’m trying to create a map with a OBDC source and Rest Service Destination (custom built). I keep getting this error on all rows:
“Processing failed for rows matching “Document_Number=XXXXXX)”
I really don’t see where I have it wrong. Can somebody help?
Also I noticed that the map sends the document in XML format to the destination bu my Rest Service requires JSON. Is there a way to change this within SmartConnect?
Van Joe replied 4 years ago

Solved! It was never the data but my Authorisation parameters which were incorrectly defined. Thanks to Ethan@Support for suggesting to use the Fidder Web Debugging tool!

Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
Van Joe,
The most common cause for a processing failed error is an incorrect grouping and key field selection. Make sure you are grouping and setting your key fields to the fewest number of fields. Also, make sure your key field isn’t blank in the data source.
At this time the REST Connector can only output to JSON. I recommend installing a product such as Fiddler to review the call coming from SmartConnect to see if the JSON is invalid.

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