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Error when publising Excel Report Builder report

Donna Grice asked 8 years ago
I have built several reports in Excel Report builder using SalesLineItems Data Connection.  The reports were publishing with no problems until about three months ago.  Now every time I have to change something and republish, I get the following error message.
‘<‘, hexadecimal value 0x3C, is an invalid attribute character. Line 15, position 36.
The line and position changes.
I have looked this error message up, but still cannot figure out what is going on.
Thanks for any help
Jared replied 8 years ago

Can you export you Excel Report setup and attach the xml file to a support ticket?

Donna Grice replied 8 years ago

I spoke with Nicole Albertson and she said that I probably need to upgrade. The version I am using is about two behind. She tried it with the upgrades and did not get the error. Thank you. This should close this discussion.

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