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Error when connecting to Data Source using Buld Data Load

Edward asked 7 years ago
I’m setting up a map using Bulk Data Load and using Microsoft Dyanmcis GP Queary as by Data Source.  After setting up a new Connection Type, I clicked the Validate button to verify I’m connecting to my data source.  It’s returing an error “Connection could not be validated” and if you look at the details, it says “Please enter all fields for the datasource.” There’s not a whole lot of fields I need to fill out for the connection so I’m not sure what fields i’m missing.  Has anyone encountered the same thing?  
Lorren answered 7 years ago
Did you click the Modify button and link the tables to create the query before clicking Validate?
Edward Chou replied 7 years ago

Lorren, turns out we didn’t connect the right database in the query connection. Made a new one pointed it to our test database. Everyone is working great now.

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