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Error: Unable to cast object of type System.Int32 to type System.String

Patty asked 6 years ago
Problem: Importing to SQL.  I have a restriction that increments a line number.  If the spreadsheet has duplicates, not all lines come in.  I have a map to bring in the duplicates.  I modify the spreadsheet to make them slightly different by appending a period to a description I have noted as a key.  I want to go to SQL to get the last line number and import the duplicates starting at the last line. 
Using Task “before document runs”.  SQL command.   [x] Update global variable.  GBL_LASTSEQ    set with value 0 in global setup. GBL_LASTREF set with value blanks in global setup.
select isnull(max(InvoiceLine) ,0)
from NORCO..Royalty_Weekly
where InvoiceNo = ‘GBL_LASTREF’
I was taught to put single quotes around a GBL variable if it is a string.  I tried with and without the single quotes and with double quotes.
Patty replied 6 years ago

If there was a way to run a map that found all the duplicates first then they could be fixed before the import to sql. Any ideas on doing that?

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