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Error Smartview with GP2010 SP1

Jeyson Gómez asked 8 years ago
Hi Team the EONE
Recently I installed the Smartview External and internal in a client GP2010  in Spanish, During the install and TEST, I have the following points:
1.       Error1: In Smartview Internal have an error when try to activate the Report option  Fine Panel, displays the error  (image Error1 below ). 
         This error happened in a PC with Windows 7,have the Framework 4.5
 2.       Error2: The client have a report build with Smarlist Builder , and open the Smartview that reports show an error and not display any information. (image Error2 Below)
4.       3 .  Calendar: The calendar does not work properly:  The calendar always for default set the actual date, and set the date for each clic I make in the calendar, If I select the other date set always the date for each clic, the same case when i select a range date  (Image calendar Below)
let me know  If your need any other information 

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