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Error Scripting Change

Abby asked 5 years ago
We have created a SmartConnect integration that uses tasks to insert data into Staging Tables.  The integration runs successfully and imports the data correctly to the staging tables.  However, in the SmartConnect Progress window it shows Row Count 10, Error Count 8, Success Count 2.  The 8 are actually sitting the table however the error in the window states: Procedure or Function ‘taPMManualCheck’ expects parameter ‘XXX’ Not supplied.  Is there a way, to change the way the error is given.
For example Instead of the above error.  Could a script/task etc within SmartConnect state, If ‘taPMManualCheck’ expects parameter ‘XXX’ =  BLANK, print “Invoice imported successfully to staging table.”  Something along those lines, so that the user does not confuse this “error” with what is actually being done. 

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