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Error running mtce after upgrade to 2013 asked 9 years ago
Received the following error running maintenance after upgrade to Smart Connect for GP 2013

An error occurred while upgrading connector SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector

Unexprected row count:0; expected: 1

Any assistance to correct would be greatly appreciated.

Christine replied 9 years ago

I am running into the same issue. Any solutions?

Kevin replied 9 years ago

I actually go through this by closing down SmartConnect and restarting. Now I am getting an error when I try and run a map, "The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. To create the source, you need permission to read all event logs to make sure that the new source name is unique. Inaccessible logs Security"  Thanks,Kevin

Best Answer
dfeenstra answered 9 years ago
If you are getting the "Event logs could not be searched", the user's security on the workstation has probably been restricted.  If the network administrator does not want to grant local administrator rights, you can grant rights directly to the event logs.  I have been successful with either or both of the following.
1. Go to a command prompt and run secpol.msc.  In the security settings, go to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Manage Auditing and Security Log.  Right click on it and add either the user or a group that the user is a member of.  Once done, co to a command prompt and run "gpupdate" to apply the new policy.

2. If the above did not work, go to Start > Run and run regedit. Go to HKLM > System > CurrentControlSet > Services > eventlog.  Right-click on eventlog and go to Permissions.  Again, add either the user or a group that the user belongs to.  Under the eventlog node, go to Security and check the permissions there.  If the user permissions did not flow down, add it there as well and try the map again.


Dave Feenstra 

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