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Error processing Tenant SQL Server

Daniel asked 7 years ago
getting an error when running a map saying “error processing Tenant SQL Server ….  incorrect syntax near ‘)'”    I was able to connect to both my source and destination tables and do the mapping so I don’t understand why I would get this error.   seems like it is saying it can’t read my records but when I preview the data it reads fine…
has anyone else come across this?
Thanks, Dan
Gerald replied 7 years ago

Hi Dan, I just got this error as well. In my case, it appears to be related to one of my calculated fields. Specifically one that was using an if then else statement. I reworked the syntax and no longer get the error.

Daniel replied 7 years ago

Thanks for the update…
my error was a bit different. it was actually due to converting a source field to a destination field. so the map was reading both tables fine but when trying to put the data into the destination table, it was actually a conversion error. Once I converted the field in the source table to the same field type as the destination, it worked…

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