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Error on POP_Inquiry_PO_Entry

Bryan asked 8 months ago

Hi, I am receiving the following error when I look up extender values in GP from the PO Inquiry Zoom Window:

Product: Extender
Script: GetWindowValue()
Error: Unknown Identifier ‘POP_PO_Entry’

Execution Script:
inout anonymous field io_value; if isopen(form ‘POP_Inquiry_PO_Entry’) then io_value = ‘PO Number’ of window ‘POP_PO_Entry’ of form ‘POP_Inquiry_PO_Entry’; end if;

Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 months ago


On your inquiry window you created, mark the checkbox for “Use Alternate Key” and then select the windows/fields that apply to your extender key fields.

While the checkbox seems optional – I haven’t really seem an inquiry window work without it being marked and the new key fields defined.


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