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Error Number = 4677 This Check Number has been used

Mike G asked 4 years ago
What causes this error? I’m trying to figure out in what table it’s looking for the check number, and why isnt it using the next one like it should?
Error Number = 4677Stored Procedure= taPMManualCheckError Description = This Check Number has been used
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
You get the error if you are trying to re-use an existing check number.
This can be caused by:
1. you supplying the check number and it has been used
2. you are using a GP Rolling Column but your next check number had been reset to an earlier already used number
3. possibly a grouping issue where the same document is tried to create twice in the same document resulting in a duplicate (that is then removed due to the error so you can’t actually FIND the duplicate in GP)
Mike G replied 3 years ago

We recently upgraded from GP 2013 R2 to 2016 (SmartConnect was updated as well). This error used to pop up once in a while, but not often. Now we see it roughly 80% of the time. When running the map it will show the following as completed/done:

Status bar half way
Record count: 10
Error Count: 2
Success Count: 2
Is there something we need to change still in setup or the maps? This is causing more manual work for accounting.

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